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Flight Training for Novices

Learning to fly a Radio Controlled airplane isn't overly difficult for most people, but it really works best when you learn with an instructor. Many people who try to learn on their own damage or destroy their airplanes early in the process, and sometimes just give up. Working with a club instructor means that an experienced flyer will check out your airplane, fly it and adjust it as necessary, and then teach you step-by-step how to fly it using a training controller (commonly known as a "buddy-box") or other techniques aimed at getting you flying successfully.

Members in good standing are eligible for flight instruction by one of our volunteer instructors (as there is a limited number of instructors, training is done on an "as available" basis.) Membership in the club does not guarantee the availability of an instructor, or that your assigned instructor will always be able to accomodate your schedule. We try to match people up for the best "fit", and we've been very successful so far.

The following documents support the training program:
Manual for Student Pilots Summary of the Flight Verification and Instruction Program Manual for Instructors and Flight Verifiers

If you are a current member in need of instruction, please contact an instructor directly (see newsletter for list) or contact the Club to arrange for training.

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